Advisory Board

Otto Kylmälä

Otto Kylmälä is a Finnish filmmaker, curator, artistic director, and critic who studied film in the Czech Republic and the UK. His films, commercials, and music videos have been awarded in Finland and abroad. His latest film as a producer, The Moonshiners (2017), directed by Juho Kuosmanen, was nominated for a Jussi award for the best short film of the year. He is a member of the international federation of film critics (FIPRESCI), a board member of the Finnish Critic's Association (SARV), and has served in short film and music video juries in Ireland, Finland, Norway, and Latvia. He is the artistic director of Loud Silents Festival and the former artistic director of the Oulu Music Video Festival. Currently, he is the programmer of the Finnish Film Archive's cinematheque Kino Regina in Helsinki.

Mathilda Larsson

Mathilda Larsson is a freelance writer and project manager at Kritikbyrån, a project that works with critics and criticism in the Swedish-speaking parts of Finland. She has worked as an editor for different publishing companies and as editor in chief for the magazine Kontur. As a freelance writer, she has, among other things, contributed with both film essays and reviews. Larsson was a part of the jury for the National Competition for Finnish Short Films, at the film festival Love & Anarchy in 2021.

(Larsson's photo by Vanessa Forstén)

Beri Shalmashi

Beri Shalmashi is an award winning writer & director, she graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy and received her MA at the Utrecht School of Arts. Based in Amsterdam, Shalmashi is a regular contributor to newspaper de Volkskrant and film magazine de Filmkrant, a tutor at Sandberg Institute and advisor to the Netherlands Film Fund.

Fırat Yücel

Born in İzmir, Fırat Yücel co-founded Altyazı Cinema Magazine in 2001 in İstanbul. Working as an editor and a critic for the magazine since then, he also conducts seminars and workshops on film history, counter-cinema and montage. Since 2015 he’s also editing, directing and producing documentaries. He’s a founding member of the Film Editors' Society of Turkey, established in 2020. Currently, he’s working as the editor of Altyazı Fasikül: Free Cinema; Altyazı’s supplement focusing on freedom of expression in filmmaking.