The MPI Journal is an independent and intersectional space for the existing institutions and filmmakers to exchange knowledge, experience, and resources to comprehend the past and current situation(s) in the best way possible; with the hope of initiating a genuine change within the existing structures of the film industry by opening up new spaces for dialogue, transparency and a better understanding of the industry and the society.

The substantive goal of the journal is to provide essential tools to re-imagine a discrimination-free film industry and society.

The main focus of the journal is film studies correlatively with social studies, feminism, and ecology. The journal strives to explore the representations of those themes within the films and film industry.

The MPI Journal is open for independent film journalism, reviews and analysis of art-house, and avant-garde filmmaking worldwide. 


We commission the articles, in-depth interviews, and critical analysis in two ways;

  1. With our independent resources which we don’t have yet.
  2. Existing institutions and organizations commission articles, in-depth interviews, critical analysis for the MPI Journal by academics, artists, thinkers, and researchers who bring up important topics and issues, ask questions and invite the basic components of the society to discuss those matters on hand profoundly.

    Those particular articles are being published jointly and simultaneously on commissioner institutions’ platforms and on the MPI Journal; the aim is to make those articles and in-depth interviews comprehensively accessible for different communities as much as possible. Commissioner institutions translate the articles into their local languages as well.


The MPI Journal is a nonprofit publication that relies on the support of readers, collaborative institutions, and individuals. 

A printed version of the journal is published once a year.

If you want to support the MPI Journal, commission an article, or want to suggest a collaboration, please reach us via email: movingpeopleandimagesjournal@gmail.com

The Moving People and Images Journal (The MPI Journal) is founded and edited by filmmaker Erol MintaƟ.

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